Whole Life Insurance Quotes


Rates last updated: 26 October 2021

Whole life insurance quotes need not be expensive if you shop around and use a whole life insurance online comparison service that finds you the right insurance company.

We have created a table of the current best rates available to give you an idea as to what you could expect if you did shop around. The most important consideration when buying a whole of life insurance is that you can afford to maintain the premiums until you die. Policies that are cancelled mean the premiums are lost, except of course you have had the peace of mind that being fully protected provides.

Table Of Example Whole Life Insurance Quotes – (fixed monthly premiums)
Whole Life CoverAge 30 NonSmokerAge 30 SmokerAge 35 NonSmokerAge 35 SmokerAge 40 NonSmokerAge 40 SmokerAge 45 NonSmokerAge 45 SmokerAge 50 NonSmokerAge 50 Smoker
Last Updated: 26 October 2021 (Source: PayingTooMuch.com)

Whole Life CoverAge 55 NonSmokerAge 55 SmokerAge 60 NonSmokerAge 60 SmokerAge 65 NonSmokerAge 65 SmokerAge 70 NonSmokerAge 70 SmokerAge 75 NonSmokerAge 75 Smoker
Last Updated: 26 October 2021 (Source: PayingTooMuch.com)

Whole life insurance can provide valuable peace of mind at any age as it’s the only type of life insurance that guarantees to payout whenever you die as it never runs out. For many this offers much better value for money compared to term life insurance which is unlikely to payout in most cases.

Link Your Whole Of Life Insurance Cover To The Retail Prices Index To Maintain Its Buying Power

With whole of life insurance you can link the cover level to RPI so no matter what age you die the cover will still be meaningful after having accounted for inflation.

Inflation increases in the cover mean the amount paid out will slowly rise over time which maintains its buying power. These increases are not subject to additional health checks by the insurer and therefore represent a really good way to protect your family and provide peace of mind in the future.